Wixel with Netduino or Fez Panda II

I would like to connect wirelessly using a Wixel to a Netduino Plus or a Fez Panda II.
Obviously, I have a preference for a .net arduino, of which these 2 controllers are an
example. Is there any documentation or example of anybody putting doing this successfully?


Hi, Carlos.

I would be surprised if it worked, because it looks like those MCUs have onboard USB modules that are handling the programming/bootloader.

- Ryan

Did the OP mean he wanted to use two Wixels to communicate with one being attached to a netduino or panda? If so shouldn’t this be as simple as it is for Arduino?

Hi, pounce and Carlos.

I thought Carlos was asking about using the Wixel shield for wirelessly programming the boards, which obviously he was not. Thank you for catching that and pointing it out. You should be able to connect the Wixel to both of these boards for wireless serial communication. Please see the section in the user’s guide about connecting your Wixel to microcontrollers via TTL serial for details.

- Ryan