Wixel with arduino UNO, unable to wirelessly program

OK, got the Wixel shield for my UNO arduino. Can load a program into the Arduino using the arduino USB, and that program can send messages to the serial monitor via wixel. However, when I try to load a program to the arduino via the wixel it hangs up and tells me that there is a SYNC problem. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Mike

Hello, Mike.

In your email to us you said that you have configured both Wixels to be at 9600 baud. This is wrong because it doesn’t match the baud rate of the Arduino UNO bootloader. Please refer to the “Configuring the Wixels” section of the Pololu Wixel Shield for Arduino User’s Guide.


Hi David,
Thanks for the reply. I did start with the speed as suggested, but when I use the Serial monitor, I get “þþþþþþþþþþþþþþ” instead of the message that I am sending. If I set the speed at 9600 I can see the correct message, but I can not load the programs to the Arduino, That’s when I get the sync message.

Hi again David!

Sitting here eating crow and feeling kind of stupid!

Thanks to your post I realized that I had set the baud rate in the arduino to 9600.
Just changed it to 115200 and as you know it works fine!

Thanks again for putting me in the right dirrection!!