Wixel Wireless Serial Link and GPIO Capabilities


I am new to Wixel and have been reading through the forums and documentation, but I am still looking for some help with project I am working with.

Currently, I am using an Arduino Uno R3 and some infrared sensors to drive and maneuver a small vehicle. After I update the code in the Arduino and attach it to the vehicle, the vehicle drives itself, but I loose the ability to watch voltage values using the USB to serial communication of the Arduino IDE.

I would like to attach a Wixel shield to my Arduino and use the Serial App function to be able to monitor my voltage levels or other data over the Wixel wireless serial connection. My question is:

Is it possible to send a character from Arduino IDE serial monitor and modify the code in the Wixel Serial App program, so that the Wixel code captures that specific character and turns one of the Wixel digital outputs HIGH or LOW?

I don’t need the Arduino to respond to any serial commands, I just need the serial text from the Arduino board to get back to the serial monitor on the computer and I would like to use say the “S” key on the keyboard to turn a pin on the WIXEL to a logic high or low to trigger an interrupt on my Arduino board.

Would this be possible? Any information would be great.



Yes, it is possible. In the Wixel wireless serial app, you can replace uartToRadioService() with the following code:

void uartToRadioService()
	// Data
	while(uart1RxAvailable() && radioComTxAvailable())
	while(radioComRxAvailable() && uart1TxAvailable())
		uint8 receivedByte = radioComRxReceiveByte();
		if(receivedByte == 's')
			setDigitalOutput(14, HIGH);  // sets P1_4 high
	// Control Signals.

This code will allow you to set P1_4 high if the wixel gets a serial input of ‘s’.


Thanks JeremyT,

I have gotten into Arduino as a hobby and a learning experience and have been trying to build as much as I can with parts that I have, but I couldn’t pass up on being able to wirelessly watch my analog values. It was getting king of hard trying to follow a vehicle around with a multimeter.

The code that you have provided me will allow me to have more control over my vehicle, without me now having to purchase a 315 MHz transmitter/reciever that I also was thinking of getting.

Thanks Much! I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.