Wixel Walkie Talkie


I wanted to develop a walkie talkie which I can use to talk with my mate in another bike when we go riding. I bought two wixels to do so. Here is what i want to achieve:

stream voice over the wixel in both directions.

Voice will be acquired using a microphone. Ideally I would like to connect the microphone directly to the wixel. I donot know if 12bit resolution will be enough and if wixel can sample the voice signal fast enough.

There doesnt seem to be a DAC in it too. So it would be hard to convert the voice to analog signal that can be sent to the speaker/headphones.

Is it possible to achieve this with just the wixel and no additional microcontroller/ADC/DAC ?

Any ideas how I can create a walkie talkie with pair of wixels?

I am fairly new to wixel and would like to get some ideas of anyone!



Hello, Mehul.

I am not sure how long the Wixel’s ADC takes to make a conversion, but you could figure it out by reading the datasheet carefully and/or doing an experiment with the Wixel.

You should look into getting an I²S DAC and using the Wixel’s I²S interface to send data to it.

Unfortunately we haven’t done any audio applications with the Wixel so we don’t have any sample code for it.


This look like an interesting article about using PWM and an RC circuit to simulate a DAC


You would need to use the value from the ADC to drive the PWM frequency.