Wixel too tall to use stacking headers?

The wixel arduino shield works fine as a “top shield” but it comes with stacking headers so it can be incorporated with more shields.

However, I find that with the wixel plugged in, the wixel is actually above the height of the stacking header that connect to arduino pins - therefore I can’t really stack any order shield above it.

I’ve got a work-around by using another set of stacking headers, but that’s not a satisfying solution.

What’s the right way of addressing this? I thought about removing the wixels’s headers on the shield and soldering it directly into the shield. Is that the only/best option? Are there shorter headers available? Did I assemble it incorrectly?



The dimensions section of the wixel shield user’s guide recommends using it as your Arduino’s top shield due to its height. Unfortunately, I do not know of any better solutions.