Wixel to Wixel Data Transfer

First off, I apologize for the post. I am sure this is very simple, but I spent all day looking through documentation and sample code and have not been able to successfully do what I want to.

I have two Wixels. One of them is connected to a device that sends data to one of the analog pins. This data can be simplified to either being 0 or 1. I want to relay this value, 0 or 1, to the other Wixel.

Basically, when the incoming data to Wixel A is 1, I light up the Yellow LED. When it is 0, I turn it off. I want the same behavior to occur on Wixel B, by sending the data from Wixel A to Wixel B.

The setup is wireless, so I believe I should be using UART to Radio to transmit the data. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to package the data (a single bit really) and transmit/receive it. (I should note that I have been looking at the wireless serial sample app to accomplish this as I figured that was a good starting point).

Thank you for the help!


Perhaps try the IO repeater application.


I tried that - wasn’t what I was looking for.

I actually figured it out - just making a call to radioComTxSendByte() with a param of 0 or 1, and then grab the byte with radioComRxReceiveByte() on Wixel B.

I’m glad you got things working. Just make sure that you check that there is enough space in the relevant buffers before calling either of those functions. More info here: pololu.github.com/wixel-sdk/radio__com_8h.html