Wixel Software for Linux

Hello, everyone!

I am excited to announce that version 1.1 of the Wixel software (which allows you to load apps onto Wixels) now fully supports Linux:

The Wixel SDK also works on Linux, so you can develop Wixel apps, load them onto your Wixel, and use them all from Linux.

You can download the command-line utility (wixelcmd) and the Wixel Configuration Utility (pictured above) from the Wixel User’s Guide.


Beware that only a more recent linux installation will be adequate. I tried the programs under Slackware 12.0 (yeah, I know, I am behind the times), and they don’t work. For example, wixelcmd and wixelconfig fail, respectively, with:


Some binary patching can get wixelcmd to work (I haven’t thoroughly verified the effectiveness of that yet); but not wixelconfig, which then fails with:

This suggest that the qt4 version 4.4.1 binary upgrade on my system is still inadequate. My guess is that 4.5 at least would be required, based on initial research on the web.

I’ve asked tech support if they are releasing source code. They said no.