Wixel, ShiftBrite and Android

Hi there, everybody!

I am thinking of getting a Wixel to make a simple application of it:
Make the same project, you have in ShiftBrite example (also i wanted to add a small power motor to it), but use an Android instead of second Wixel for a transmitter circuit.
I will need to write an app for Android, i know.
The question is: is it be possible to do this?

pololu.com/docs/0J46/9.i (ShiftBrite example)

Also, is it possible to power it all up with Lithium polymer battery, because ShiftBrites will use 5v power source, and I need the whole project to work for long time without changing the batteries.


If you want to use an Android, you would probably be using Bluetooth, which the Wixel does not support (see the “FAQs” for more info). You might be able to accomplish this using an embedded Bluetooth receiver and a microcontroller.