Wixel SDK error when building custom program

I’m developing a custom program for a project of mine, and just ran into an off problem. Whenever I try to build the project, It gets halfway through, encounters this error, and stops. I’m using Eclipse to develop the program, and have tried using it’s build functions as well as running the premade “make_all” batch file in the wixel-sdk folder. I have attached the error messages for both, as well as the two files I built (don’t mind the poor quality code, I’m new to the wixel). All I know is that this error has the error code 1, and the problem is in creating the .hex file, as this is what eclipse is saying. Previous versions of the file built perfectly fine, but somewhere in the final stages of making these programs, this error arose.

Edit: I forgot to mention I looked for errors in the radio_queue.h header file and all related files, and found nothing. The files were all as they should be, in perfect working order.

wood_car_tx.c (1.84 KB)
wood_car_rx.c (3.32 KB)


It is the linking stage that fails.

It seems that you are not including to proper libraries in the project file.
Take a look (for instance) in
github.com/pololu/wixel-sdk/blo … _repeater/
The options.mk file lists all the required libraries an application requires, in your case you need to add at least radio_queue.lib
you probably also need to add radio_mac.lib as well, if not more.


Thank you so much for the help. I simply copied the options.mk file from another program and changed it around to match my own, and that fixed the problem.