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Wixel SDCC

I just downloaded the Wixel SDK from github and SDCC from souceforge. I tried make and got the following error:
Creating libraries/lib/radio_com.lib
/bin/sh: sdcclib: command not found
make: *** [libraries/lib/radio_com.lib] Error 127
From the SDCC documentation sdcclib was removed from the package in 3.8 and sdar replaced sdcclib.
I edited the makefile, and set AR := sdar#, this gave me the following error:
Creating libraries/lib/radio_com.lib
sdar: two different operation options specified
make: *** [libraries/lib/radio_com.lib] Error 1

I edited the make file again with the following changes:

AR_FLAGS = -rc

This solved the issue, hopefully it was the correct way to fix the issue


Thank you for reporting the problem to us and for sharing your solution. That seems like a fine way to fix the issue.

Did you manage to successfully compile Wixel apps with SDCC 3.9.0 in Windows? Even after using your fix, I encountered multiple other issues which make me think that Windows users should probably keep using SDCC 3.8.0 and sdcclib for now.