Wixel Radio Problems

Hi everybody,

I have my first Wixel projekt and some Problems with the Radio transmission.

I would like to have up to 5 battery operated devices with some Motors and Temp Sensors (I²C every Second).
they get Commands from the computer (Wixel via USB) and send some Sensordatas.
Now I have a Programm that works well for the Devices. :unamused:

and one Wixel is for Communication for the Computer (Labview).
for this one I use the wireless_serial app. Without changing the Frequency it works. But loses signal after ca 30 minutes?!?! I would like to let it run for 7 Days!

for changing the frequency in the wireless_serial app i use this command : CHANNR=128;
after a little time the Value changes to 200 for the second Device but it do not get a signal. And for Restarting i need to repower the Wixel
Using this Frequency for default works.
both Devices are sending with continuously.

do anybody have some Ideas for the Two Problems?

-loosing signal (I do not know how to restart only the Radio?!)
-CHanging Radio Frequency


Hi, Wurzelsepp.

You might consider looking at “Multi-Agent Grid Navigation” on the tabletop robotics website; they have built an application using multiple radio channels you might find helpful in designing your own.


Hey Derrill,

thank you a lot! it works, and I am happy :laughing: