Wixel pair vs. wixel shield? arduino sketch loads, telemetry

Working on a line following bot using an Arduino MEGA 2560 with an NXT Motor Shield already installed on top of the 2560. As part of the PID tuning process, I’d like the ability to wirelessly upload and activate new sketches from my Linux PC without touching the robot. Also, need to monitor print statements over a serial monitor that will provide telemetry information while the robot executes test runs.

The Wixel Pair looks like it will basically provide a wireless USB cable which is (I think) what I want. However, I also found the Wixel Shield for Arduino which appears to have a few more components on the board than the wixel itself.

Adding a wixel shield on top of the motor shield (or vice-versa) may not be practical due to the height of motor or wixel shield components. However, I’m unsure if the Wixel can be used with the 2560 as-is, or if there are additional components required to accomplish whatever it is the Wixel Shield provides.

BTW: There is another breadboard on this bot that will host LEDs, buttons, and a few other components. I had planned to attach the wixel to this board.

Thanks for any suggestions or tips!


No, a pair of Wixels cannot be used as a wireless USB cable. USB is an asymmetric system consisting of USB hosts and USB devices. An example of a USB host would be your computer. An example of a USB device would be your keyboard, your mouse, or a Wixel. USB devices can only talk to the host, and they cannot initiate communication on their own.

The Wixel cannot be used “as-is” for your application. To get two-way wireless serial communication working, you would at least need a voltage divider on the Arduino’s TX line because the Wixel’s inputs cannot tolerate 5V. To get the wireless uploading of sketches to work, you would have to recreate the circuits in our Wixel Arduino shield, or just use our Arduino shield.

I recommend that you look into using both shields at the same time (NXT Motor Shield + Wixel Shield for Arduino). If all you are trying to do is drive some DC motors and don’t need the extra features of that NXT Motor Shield, you should also check out our Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino, which will work with the Wixel shield.