Wixel No Longer Seen By USB :(

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to learn how to make some changes to example code in order to try and learn how to program a Wixel. The requirement I have is actually pretty simle but I’ll save that for another post as I seem to have caused a problem on one of my wixels while trying things…

I had been loading example apps on my two wixels and all was going well. I was even playing around with changing some of the code and using << make_all.bat >> in the SDK folder to recompile the programs… I would then load the app with the configuration utility.

I altered the follwing code in a program called “test_board” and loaded it on to my wixel. The code change actually did what I expected as all three leds are lit… BUT… now the Wixel is no longer visible / responsive as a usb device… Because it no longer is seen by the computer cannot clear the program off the wixel or load another app on to it… I hope I did not back myself into a corner…

Here is the code I changed in “test_board” app that started this mess… Any help on how to get this wixel back working again will be appreciated…

This example code…

void updateLeds()
LED_GREEN(getMs() >> 9 & 1); // Blink the Green LED (only visible w/ USB).
LED_YELLOW(vinPowerPresent()); // Indicate VIN power with the yellow LED.
LED_RED(usbPowerPresent()); // Indicate USB power with the red LED.

Was Changed to This… And now the Wixel is no longer seen as a usb device.

void updateLeds()

Nevermind… Kept reading and found this post…

Connecting 3.3V to P2_2 and then plugging in the USB got it to become visible again… Then I loaded a new app on the Wixel and all was good again…