Wixel + M3pi Communication Fail

Hi guys!

I´m trying to send a simple char from a wixel to a m3pi. In the wixel I use “uart1TxSendByte((char)0xB3);” and on the
M3pi I run the “serial_slave” program. The baudrates are both set to 115200, but I still don´t get communication between the devices. Anybody got ideas on what to do?

Thanks in advance!

I have the exact same issue. Would be thankfull for any ideas!

I run the serial_slave app on the m3pi and the usb_serial app on the wixel.
All baudrates are set to 115200.

I use java to send a byte to the wixel, which is confirmed to be received by the wixel, but no response from the m3pi.

Appreciate your help!



I am sorry that we did not respond to your questions in a reasonable timeframe. I am also sorry you are having trouble with your Wixel + m3pi combinations.

There are two ways to use a Wixel with an m3pi. It can either communicate with the mbed or with the 3pi. Which way are you trying to set it up?

- Ryan