Wixel + IMU + Serial

Hi -

I’m trying to use a Wixel to wirelessly stream data from a minIMU-9 v5 to another Wixel connected to a desktop. As a first step, I’ve been able to stream minIMU data to the desktop through a Wixel over USB (i.e. wired connection). However, whenever the Wixel loses and regains power (either through disconnecting the USB or external power through the VIN pin), I lose accelerometer and gyroscope data until the Wixel is reflashed (see screenshots). Does anyone have any ideas as to what’s going on/what to troubleshoot? Any help would be appreciated!

I am sorry you are having issues with your Wixel and MinIMU-9. After it stops working, do you get the same behavior if you remove power again for a longer period of time (without reflashing the Wixel)? What happens if you add a delay (try one or two seconds) before beginning communication with the LSM6?


Hi Jon,

Thanks for the input! The issue remained if I removed power for longer intervals. Adding a second of delay before initializing the LSM6 fixed the issue, although I’m unsure exactly why. Any insights as to why the delay worked?

I am glad things are working now! It might have been that the LSM6 takes more time to start-up/power-on than the Wixel, and that it was not yet ready to work with the initialization and configuration setting commands sent to it at the time the Wixel was sending those commands.


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