Wixel heating and not working on USB


When I connect the wixel via USB (and I’m using the wireless serial app) it starts blinking the green and yellow light, but as time passes by, the wixel starts to heat, and the yellow led starts to lose its bright until it do not blink anymore.

What’s happening?

Thanks in advanced,


Hello, Aguiar.

Has your Wixel always been acting this way, or is this behavior recent? If it was working properly in the past, what has changed from previous use? Where on the board is the Wixel heating up? You could post a picture with the location circled if it is hard to describe. Is anything else connected to it?

Also, could you post pictures of both sides of the board?


No, this behavior is recent,but nothing has changed. The board is heating next to the pololu simbol on the board. And nothing else is connected to it. I don’t think the photos will help, 'cause I’m using my cellphone.


It sounds like the board might be damaged in some way, possibly even from static discharge. Have you ever had anything else connected to it? If so, could you tell me what it was and how it was connected?


Hello Brandon,

I’m posting just to inform you about the strange solution I’ve used.
I’ve only changed which Wixel was connected to the PC and the heating was gone.



I am glad it is working for you in this new configuration. Good luck on your project.