Wixel doesnt send radio in serial_mode 0 (auto)


1 of my Wixels doesnt send anything in Serial_mode 0 (auto) anymore.

Im build a wireless remote-controller for my camera, so my setup is :

1 wixel on atmega328p connected per levelshifter acting as receiver.
The other wixel also connected to a atmega 328p acting as transmitter.
Both wixels flashed with “wireless-serial-v1.3.wxl” / serial_mode 0 (auto).

Normally when no USB-cable is connected to the wixels the yellow leds are blinking fine and telling me the radios are sending/receiving.

But now on the transmitter when I connect the usb-cable, doing update my firmware (to arduino) and unplug the USB-cable no led is blinking and i cant control the receiver wireless anymore. When I reflash the wixel to mode 2 it works.

Has it maybe gone broken, because ive done this plugging/unplugging usb-cables some hundreds times ? :slight_smile:

Sorry for my english, im german :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Hello, Robert.

When you unplug the USB cable from the transmitter, are any of the LEDs on? Could you post pictures of your setup?

- Jeremy


Sure, heres the wiring. As you can see no LEDs on :frowning:
The USB-cable is unplugged from the Computerside…

Could you measure the Wixel’s VALT and 3V3 pins and verify they are outputting the correct voltage? Could you also try swapping your two Wixels used for transmitting and receiving and see if the problem follows the bad Wixel?

- Jeremy

Hi, and thanks for the fast replys :slight_smile:

Voltages are :
3V3 = 3,26V
VALT = 4,69V
5V = 4,94V

The voltages looking good.

The problem is only at this one Wixel, when I switch them, the other Wixel works fine on transmitter-side.

Ive bougth them new so 3-4 weeks ago and let them to mode 0 for flashing my arduinos.

Procedure is :
I plugin the USB-cable to computer, flashing my arduinos through the wixels…unplug USB and test if my transitter/receiver-functions works. After new coding i repeat this procedure (thanx god i have a good usb-hub on my keyboard :slight_smile: )

So I cant understand why after some weeks this stops working. As I said this bug is only in serial_mode 0, when I flash this Wixel to mode 2 and unplug the USB-Cable, it works like a charm.

Should I send it back to my Distributor (its Watterott here in Germany) and ask for an new ?

Since it was working and is not now, it is likely that something probably got damaged. It would be up to Watterott if they want to replace your Wixel. Alternatively, if you contact us directly at support@pololu.com and reference this forum post, I might be able to help you with a discount on a replacement.

- Jeremy


Ive contacted Watterott and waiting for answer…

Thanks in advance for your support !


Yayy, got a free Wixel today from Waterott, what a nice service !!!
Now I never need to plug/unplug the transmitter/receiver…just the (main)-sender :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the Support here !

Best Regards