Wixel doesn't get recognized


I’ve bought a pair of Wixels a while ago, and decided to play with them today. I was able to get one of them working right away on Snow Leopard, with VMware, running Windows Vista.

The other wixel didn’t even get recognized. I might have connected P2_2 to GND accidentally while trying to get it into bootloader mode. I hope that didn’t cause the issue. When I plug it in on my Mac, and try to connect that USB port to the VM, the Pololu option isn’t on the list (the other one is).

I then decided to get a PC. When I plugged it via the USB, Vista found it and even though I had previously installed all the required software, it couldn’t find the right drivers. It’s now listed as “Unknown Device”. I figure this is at least a better sign than on my Mac, that doesn’t even show anything.

Regarding the LEDs, right after I plug the USB cable, the green flashes around 5 times, while the red and yellow leds are always on. The leds behave the exact same way no matter if I have P2_2 and GND connected or not.

What do you guys think? Could I have accidentally burned my Wixel? Has anyone come across this problem?

Thanks !

Hello, cinaglia.

I’m sorry you are having trouble with the Wixel.

You should never short P2_2 to GND. That could cause permanent damage because the Wixel drives that line high to turn on the yellow LED. You shouldn’t need to short P2_2 to anything. The Wixel should go into bootloader mode automatically because it is new and you haven’t put an app on it yet.

Could you see if you can get your working Wixel recognized on the Windows machine and showing up properly in the Device Manager? Once that works, try plugging in the other Wixel using the same USB cable. It’s possible the cable is bad so it’s good to try multiple cables or at least try a cable you know is working.


Hey David,

Thanks for the response. I know for sure the cable is working because I’ve successfully loaded an app on my other Wixel.

I’m beginning to think I’ve damaged the Wixel, then. I’m pretty sure I’ve shorted P2_2 to GND.

Is there anything that can be done aside from buying a new one :smiley: ? Thanks!

Hello, cinaglia. Unfortunately, it sounds like that Wixel is broken and there is not much more I can do to fix it. If you want to, please contact us directly, referring to this forum thread, and I might be able to help you get a discount on a replacement. --David