Wixel connection problem

Hi, all
Yesterday, I bought a Wixel from http://www.lawicel-shop.se/. Today it’s not working any more. I only uploaded some program from Wixel-SDK. See the figure below, could anyone tell me why. I also saw this post(Timeout while waiting for Wixel to reconnect), but for me the Serial number is fine. I can find the device in the Device Manager.

I followed this, and it works.Sorry about my question.

  1. Disconnect all of your Wixels from USB.
  2. Let’s call the Wixel that isn’t working Wixel 1. Please disconnect everything from Wixel 1.
  3. Reboot your computer.
  4. With P2_2 connected to 3.3 V, connect the Wixel 1 to USB.
  5. Look in the Wixel Configuration Utility and see if things look OK. The serial number should be back to normal, and the status should be something like “No App” or “App Stopped”. If that is not the case, please tell us exactly what you see.

Thank you for those Instructions!

Just want to add that I then removed the connection from P2_2 and 3V3 and then restarted the app and I regained connection to the Wixel.