Wixel config util does not write to wixel

I have found that the Wixel Config Util does not write my new code to the wixel unless I close it then open it, pick the proper app file then click “Write to Wixel”. I have tried several ways to avoid having to close and re-open the Util but nothing else seems to work (I moved up to v. 1.2 from 1.1 - did not help). I have tried recompiling the new code then - clicking write; clicking erase then clicking write; clicking stop app, clicking erase, then clicking write; nothing seems to work.

any suggestions?


When you want to load changes you have made to your app, you should be able to just reopen your firmware file, instead of restarting the whole Wixel configuration utility. However, if you are developing your own Wixel app, I recommend using wixelcmd to load it rather than the utility. You can find out more about loading a Wixel app with wixelcmd in the Compilling an Example App section of the Wixel User’s Guide.