Wixel Config App and OSX El Capitan

Hey Everyone,

I have looked around the Forum, and I don’t think I have found any answer that addresses the problem that I’m having regarding using the Wixel configuration utility and the New Mac OS. I have been using the Mac platform with Yosemite, and the Wixel app, and its been working fine. However when upgrading to the latest version of the OS for my machine, now the Wixel app , won’t let me see the Wixels on a serial port so I can configure them. I think they can be seen once confined on the port, but in the Wixel config app, the Wixel connected to the USB, does not show up in the config window.
Any help regarding who to set up Wixels on this new version of MAC OS X would be of great help.
Thanks in advance.

Hey All,

I have looked around and did not see anything about this problem with setting up wixels with the config app, under the newest version of OS X. I had everything working fine with the config utility recognizing and uploading apps into the pixel under OS X Yosemite. But since I upgraded, the utility app won’t see the wixels anymore.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I saw some chatter about ‘protection features’ in El Cap but not sure what to do.

Thanks for any feedback on this.




I am sorry you are having trouble using the Wixel Configuration Utility with Mac OS X 10.11. Could you run the following command in a Terminal and post its output? This will tell us if the computer detects the Wixel at all.

ioreg -p IOUSB -w 0


Never mind about running that command. I have confirmed that the Wixel software does not work on Mac OS X 10.11 and I am working on fixing it.


There were some breaking changes made to the USB APIs that we rely on in Mac OS X 10.11. We have fixed the problems and uploaded a new version of the Wixel software, which you can download from the Resources tab for the Wixel or from the Wixel User’s Guide. Please let me know if this new version works for you.