Wixel compatibility


i have 3 specific questions on wixel module by pololu

first of all i want to make 2 autonomous robots which can communicate between themselves and then sharing details of what they know
like in the following video

so can i achieve the above task by using wixel modules or do i need some other hardware available at pololu.
2) am planning to use the wixel module with baby o 328p , is the wixel compatible with baby o 328p.
if compatible please tell me how can i make connections to baby o 328p and wixel together
3) can i send data from one wixel model to another without a computer
what i mean is send data bytes like codes already written to carry out a specific task which are stored in the wixel module and on some triggerring mechanism through the microcontroller board baby o 328p ,

i am planning to use these modules as far as i have understood how this module may function be the right thing for my project.
and i code using Arduino only

thank you for any help,

Hello, technoholic.

Yes, the Wixel will allow you to make two autonomous robots that share information wirelessly.

Yes, the Wixel is compatible with the Baby Orangutan because they both support non-inverted TTL serial interface. However, the Baby Orangutan’s serial output (TX) is at 5 V and the Wixel’s input pins can not tolerate voltages that high, so you will need a voltage divider. Please see the “Connecting a Microcontroller via TTL Serial” section of the Wixel User’s Guide.

Yes, you can send data between two Wixels without using a computer. I recommend using the Wixel’s Wireless Serial App to do this.

I recommend that you first make some temporary connections between two Baby Orangutans and learn to successfully send serial bytes back and forth between them. Once you have that working, you can use the Wixels to make the serial link be wireless.

I’m don’t understand your clarification above. Using the Wireless Serial App, the Wixels can provide a wireless serial link between two Baby Orangutans. You could program the Wixels to do something more complicated, but I don’t see the need.


thanks for your quick response

ok now i understood , i interpreted it wrongly.
ill learn more about wixel model and then comeback and post my queries

thanks for the help,