Wixel capabilities, confirmation


Wixel, very slick! I think it will do exactly what I want, but maybe someone more experienced with it might confirm this for me. For a remote control application, on the remote I need:

2 Analog inputs - P0_0 and P0_1
SPI using P0_2 - P0_5 (USART) to an IMU ~ 5000 bytes/sec
8 digital outputs using P1_0 - P1_7

All the while using the RF full blast communicating to the controlling computer.
USB isn’t used and I might use a timer.

Any conflicts in pin usage here?
Mostly I’m wondering if there are any gotchas like “if using RF, pin P0_0 is used for defractulization, and ADC0 and ADC1 aren’t available either”.

I’m wading through the SDK and datasheets and haven’t found any killers, but thought I’d ask the list.

Actually, I needed 4 analog inputs, but I can use a dual mux driven by the RED LED pin to get 4 inputs into 2.

Any potential problems with the Wixel doing this?




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Hello, Ed.

Yes, I think the Wixel will work for your application. Using the radio doesn’t conflict with the using any of the Wixel’s labeled pins. You only need three pins to do SPI, so you should be able to use one of the P0 pins to operate your mux without sacrificing the red LED.

This sounds like a cool project. I hope you have a good experience with the Wixel, and let us know more about the project as it progresses!