Wixel and Raspberry Pi

I don’t know much about USB communication so please forgive me if this question is stupid. I just have this idea of connecting a Wixel to a Raspberry Pi and making them “talk” this way. But I am not sure if it possible. I see there are Linux drivers for i386 and amd but RasPi is arm as far as I know. Are there any plans for a driver? Or maybe there is no need for one? Or is the best option to use Tx/Rx to communicate with the RasPi?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion and help.


We do not currently provide the software needed for programming a Wixel from ARM Linux boards like the Raspberry Pi. However, as noted in the “Supported Operating Systems” section of the user’s guide, any Wixel app that implements a single USB virtual COM port or Human Interface Device (HID) will work with Linux with no special driver installation required. This means that Wixel apps should work with Linux on the Raspberry Pi.

  • Grant

I have Wixels talking to the Raspberry Pi via serial (USB) and wireless. My application is moving servos though, not sure what yours is. If you are interested, more details here: http://martinsant.net/

grant: Thanks a lot for your reply. I read a lot of the user’s guide but I missed that one paragraph, I’m sorry about that. Thanks for being kind and replying even if the info was already in my reach.

martan: When I googled Wixed Raspberry Pi your website came up first, I read through a lot of the postings and it sounded like you are connecting the Wixel via USB to the Pi but I couldn’t find anything definitive about this topic and didn’t want to bother you with questions. Thanks for being so nice and replying I will read more on your website. PS If I would’ve paid more attention to the Python code you posted, I should have noticed the communication over USB.