Wixel and Matlab

Hi all!!
I’m trying to build an application that collect some data from the wixel, since I’ve to perform some data operations I’m trying to read the data from Matlab but actually the wixel shows a strange behaviour…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…I built a similar application with C# some time ago on windows, now I’m on OS X but I can’t figure out why it has this alternate behaviour…do you have some suggestions about?


Moreover the same code tested on Windows with Matlab works perfectly! Do you know if there are some issues with the Mac Os X Driver?


I am sorry you are having trouble with the Wixel on Mac OS X. We do not know of any problems with the Mac OS X driver (which is named AppleUSBCDCACM), and that driver is used by other popular devices besides the Wixel. If you would like help troubleshooting, please let me know the details of what you are doing and what problems you are seeing.