Wixel and dsm2

Has anybody been able to interface a wixel with a hobby RC transmitter? DSM2 standard transmitters operate at 2.4GHz just as a wixel does. I’d imagine its just a matter of fudging some protocols. There must be some sort of a hack available, yes?

I’m not aware of any but I’ve just gotten into the wixel. it’s a pretty cool little board.
Sounds interesting though, do you have any good links to protocol documents or better yet, any C code examples?

Hello. The Wixel’s radio uses a proprietary protocol made by Texas Instruments. If you find a hobby RC transmitter that happens to based on the CC2511, CC2510, or CC2500 then you should be able to set up a link between it and the Wixel. The tricky part would be figuring out what kind of protocol the manufacturer is using; you will probably have to reverse engineer it. Let us know how it goes!


Hitec, Futaba? I don’t have the toys to reverse it but wish I did. Looks like fun.

Folks on the rcgroups.com forum have been discovering the protocols used in Hitec and other manufacturers’ RC units. Some use the same chip as the Wixel, so it is not difficult to build your own receiver (as one contributor did).

See for example:

Thanks for the links, Jim! It would be really cool to have a Wixel library that supports receiving signals from such a transmitter, assuming the transmitter is readily available.


I just found this too: rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=7925933

I don’t even have my wixels yet, but I should be receiving them soon.
It would be awesome if I could get them to work with my transmitters.