Wixel Analog Input Pins

Hello All,

I am new to the forum and am working with a pair of wixels for the first time. I am particularly confused on how the analog input pins for the wixels work. Here’s my problem:

I’m working with two Wixels, WixelA and WixelB. My WixelB is the receiver that is connected to my arduino uno via the shield. My WixelA is the transmitter and I’m trying to send the analog inputs (which I have coming from an accelerometer) back to WixelB to make my arduino perform some function. Does anyone know if I’m supposed to come up with an app that enables the analog inputs for the wixels? I feel this has got to be the problem because when I connect my accelerometer to the arduino I get proper readings so I’m sure it’s not the wiring or code. Thanks in advance.


Hello, Nate.

Yes, you will need to load an app onto the Wixel in order to make it do something useful. We don’t have any apps available right now that do exactly what you want, but we have some that are close. I recommend trying the wireless_adc_tx and wireless_adc_rx apps in the Wixel SDK. The documentation for those apps is in their source code. That should allow you to read the accelerometer wirelessly from a terminal program on your computer. Once you have that working, you can modify the wireless_adc_rx app to instead send the readings on its UART to your Arduino.


Thanks so much for the reply David. Like I said I am new to this kind of stuff… Just to be clear, the files you mentioned in the earlier post are the source codes for the apps right? I opened them up and got the .c files but is there anyway I can run them directly from the wixel configuration software?

Thanks again I really appreciate the help.


No, the Wixel Configuration Utility only loads and reads compiled programs from the Wixel. To compile the source files, you should follow the instructions in the “Writing Your Own Wixel App” section of the Wixel User’s Guide.



Thanks so much for your response. I’ve followed the user guide and loaded the wireless_adc_tx app in my transmitter and the wireless_adc_rx app in my receiver. I think it is working because they uploaded correctly. However seem to open up the ports to view the inputs on my computer. Do you have any idea on how to do that? I’m running windows 7.

If this code is indeed working what would you suggest I do for my arduino to perform some action based on the readings? Thanks again you’ve been really helpful in this process.


You should open the COM port of the Wixel running the wireless_adc_rx app with a terminal program to view the outputs. Please see the “Using a Virtual COM Port” section of the Wixel User’s Guide for more information about terminal programs.

Let’s make sure that is working before trying to modify the code.