Wixel + 3pi Robot + Cutout Expansion Kit


I’m pretty new to the world of robots in general, so please forgive anything I may say that may seem obvious to others.

Background: For my C++ class we have been tasked with developing some programs with the 3pi robot and a sensor. I have had success strictly with the 3pi robot and the line following/maze programs. My partner and I decided to work with the Wixel component. Here are the facts:
3pi Robot
3pi Expansion Kit with Cutouts
Fully Assembled Wixel Pair + USB cable

With my limited background I tried to make as much of an informed decision as I could before ordering the expansion kit, but I am still unsure. Questions:

Given the materials that we have, can we use the serial slave/serial master programs with the Wixel, i.e. allow the Wixel to send commands to the 3pi base? Or does this require the m3pi expansion kit?

What options are available given our current hardware setup?


Hello, Sean.

Your project might be easier with the m3pi expansion kit, but it is not required. One option is to buy some resistors and use them to recreate the circuits shown in the “serial jumpers” box of the m3pi schematic. The schematic can be found in the Pololu m3pi User’s Guide. You don’t need the jumpers, of course, and you don’t need R22 if you are careful to never program the 3pi to turn its RX line into an output.