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Wirless burglar alarm

Hi all,

I’m toying with the idea of building a wireless burglar alarm. Partly because I like having little projects to keep me busy, partly because non of the kits on the market seem to offer exactly what I want. I’m thinking of controlling the whole thing through my PC, perhaps using a Maestro to interface with various wireless sensors. I’d like some thoughts on how feasible this is, or if there would be a better way to do.

At the moment I have a couple of 2.4GHz wireless cameras, and a bit of Perl scripting to alert me if motion is detected. Activity is recorded to look back through later, and I also get a photo sent to me phone if I’m not at home.

I’m looking to expand on this by introducing a couple of indoor PIR sensors, and reed switches on some of the doors and windows. Seems that 433MHz would be the way to go, but would a Maestro be overkill, considering I’d just be using it for receiving input, not servo control?


If you are just looking for an easy way to read analog voltages or basic high/low signals from your computer, the Maestro might work for you.


Try these from 3dr they do 1 km and come in 900mhz and 433mhz. Attach them to the rx and tx lines on the maestro. Rember rx line to tx line.
Also they are half duplex so you can send info back.
I sugest the 433mhz as that frequnce is better able to get around buildings.
The 2.4 ghz your using are very much line of site at the frequence.
They have other feature like check sum ablity, frequence jumping, and radio signal strength indicators comes with free sdk to change baud speed id and other thing locally and remotely using at and rt commands too.
Here a chinese link at cheap price but slow to ship.
aliexpress.com/item/F03016-N … 40279.html
aliexpress.com/item/Single-T … 59199.html
Else buy from diy-drone at $30us more. They also have the links to it’s data sheet and sdk program. Enjoy your world just got bigger.