Wiring Boost Regulators in Parallel

Hi folks,

Stooopid question but have to ask it in hopes somebody has an idea:

want to run a netbook off a 12V car battery.

it wants 19v and the ability to draw about 2 A (from its supplied AC power adapter).

Trying to use the #799 boost to jump from 12VDC to 19 VDC to run this netbook on-board the bot.

Works…sort of. Plugging into power jack on netbook the XP power manager jumps from “battery” to “plugged in” power icons every second or so.

My guess is I’m capping out the amps on the boost reg and it’s internally shutting itself down every second or so. It is not getting hot though…

Ideas? Alternatives?

I’m about to perform a really stupid move by trying to put two of these in parallel and tuned to about the same voltage. Even I know this is not a good idea, but that’s how desparate I am!

Thanks in advance,


There’s definitely no reason to expect the single unit to deliver the kind of power you want. Why don’t you use a small power inverter and plug your regular adapter into that? You can get small ones for $20 or less, and you will be way less likely to destroy your laptop or start a fire.

- Jan