Wires with Pre-crimped Terminals

I’m a BIG fan of Pololu’s “Wires with Pre-crimped Terminals”

Maybe this is a new product suggestion and in the wrong forum. :open_mouth:

I’d like to use the Wires with Pre-crimped Terminals in a connector that has polarity.
The Pololu crimp connector housings are great for me in terms of spacing, variety, etc.
Sometimes, I just wish there was a housing that had a latch (thus polarity) and it would be make my life simpler taking apart and re-assembling some connections.

My question is: what is the series (family) of connectors that Pololu sells?



I am glad to hear you’re a big fan of those wires. Unfortunately, we do not have any polarized housings compatible with our pre-crimped wires.

Our pre-crimped terminals are generic connectors designed for use with 0.1″ (2.54 mm) headers and breadboards.

If you need polarization, you might consider this solution to use with our housings. We have not tried this, so we do not know if these plugs will definitely work with our housings.


Is there a manufacturer name / model for the crimped terminals that you could share?


Unfortunately, we do not share our manufacturer information for these products.