Wireless serial app: using uart, usb, and radio together

I am trying to modify the usb to uart mode of the wireless serial app. I would like data received from the usb to be sent over the radio, but data received over the radio should be sent to uart. I am very familiar with programming, but I know very little about C language. I modified the two while loops in the function usbToUartService() in the C file for this app as follows:

void usbToUartService()
    uint8 signals;

    // Data
    while(usbComRxAvailable() && radioComTxAvailable())

    while(uart1TxAvailable() && radioComRxAvailable())


    // Need to switch bits 0 and 1 so that DTR pairs up with DSR.
    signals = ioRxSignals();
    usbComTxControlSignals( ((signals & 1) ? 2 : 0) | ((signals & 2) ? 1 : 0));

    // TODO: report framing, parity, and overrun errors to the USB host here

The two while loops are the only things I changed; the rest of the file that isn’t shown here is unchanged. I don’t understand the specifics of this code, so I just switched which functions are called in this mode of the app. Will this work, or do I need to change something else too? If this won’t work, does anyone know how to accomplish what I’m trying to do? If possible, I would still like to keep the other two serial modes unchanged so that I can run the app in automatic selection mode.

Hello, AIprogrammer.

The change you made should work as long as you add the line “radioComRxControlSignals();” somewhere in that function to make sure the control signals get read so they don’t hold up the data. The current version of the Wireless Serial app doesn’t do anything special to shut down the radio when it is in USB-to-UART mode, but that is something we might add in the future.