Wireless sensor via modbus

Hi there!
firstly i’m pretty sorry for my english.(it’s getting better but not enough for now.)

i bought two wixel modul a mounth ago,and they was so fast when i tried them via separate usb connection on a pc.
Now i want to program them with eclipse for an wireless sensor application. And also i install eclipse with wixel-sdk.
before, i worked on “ccs c” to program PİC’s. So i think my c programming knowlage will help me little bit on studing wixel programming.(is it true?)
at this moment i’m looking for all documentation for wixel programming on eclipse but i couldn’t find enough.
especially " c " programming tutorials for wixel! there is much example for wixel and i need some information about wixel’s programming language. i think i should give some code example for where i stuck into.

" int32 CODE param_framing_error_ms = 0; “
” uint8 DATA currentSerialMode; “
” if (b[/b](now - lastErrorTime) > 100)"
is there any way which you may canalize me?

thank you so much…

Hello. Yes, having knowledge of C is a big advantage if you want to write your own Wixel app. (But of course you can use the pre-compiled Wixel apps we provide in the user’s guide without doing any programming.)

The documentation for the Wixel libraries and SDK is here:

This includes the documentation for CODE, DATA, and uint8. You can find them very easily using the Search box in the upper right corner. They are all documented on the same page, because they are all defined in cc2511_types.h:
pololu.github.com/wixel-sdk/cc25 … es_8h.html

The documentation for the compiler is here, and it includes more information about the different memory spaces on the 8051:

There is plenty of example code, including real apps, in the “apps” directory of the sdk.

There are many books and online resources for learning the C language.


i’ve searched in forum for the TI’s communication protocol “simpliciti” but can’t find anything. Do you know something about it or did any one apply or impliment it to the wixel. Or is it possible?

Cause wixel is a device which we should communicate with the others, so need some ways to do this like simpliciti. To do better networks for our applications.
i think there is’t any support for it but can’t stop myself to ask this. Thank you.

The last time I checked, the code from Texas Instruments for implementing SimpliciTI did not work with SDCC. In theory you could run it on a Wixel, but you would need to buy a Keil or IAR compiler OR make lots of little changes to their code just to compile it.


:slight_smile: what about Code Composer Studio? Can we do this via that.

So if we write a program which included simpliciti in code composer ,then can we load it to wixel.

i think we can’t do that cause of wixel’s own firmware on it.

Do you know something about this? using another compiler for loading simpliciti applications.? you say Keil or IAR may do this.
i think wixel is a powerful development kit which we don’t use effectively.

If Code Composer Studio supports 8051-based processors then yes, you should be able to write Wixel apps using it. The main difficulty is that you will need to adjust your linker settings because the Wixel’s bootloader occupies the first 1 KB (1024 bytes) and the last 2 KB of the CC2511F32’s flash memory. If you figure out how to do that, please post here because it might be useful to other people too.


I’m on it, when i found something i’ll share in here.

As you say cc2511f32 has “8051” core type and cause of that at this time we can’t compile the cc2511f32 applications via Code Composer Studio. May be later. IAR has an compiler for this but i don’t know if they have an “cimpliciti” implementation stack. TI has an alternative development board which has an msp430f2274 and cc2500 chips together on board for an RF communication and programming. Wixel need something like this protocol too.