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Wireless Push Button

I have a Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller and I connected a button, as described in the user manual, and it works to move a servo 90 degrees and back to 0 degrees with each push of the button. I want to use that button wirelessly on one Wixel that communicates with another Wixel connected to the Maestro. I see how to connect the button on one of the Wixels and then using the Serial-to-I²C App I can have the other Wixel connected to the Maestro mini, connect to an input. How would I make the script to read the status of the input in order to replicate the same action as when the button is physically connected to the Maestro?


I am sorry you are having trouble getting the Wixel to do that. It might be easier to use our I/O Repeater App, which allows you to wirelessly extend digital signals. You can learn more about how that works inside the Wixel’s user’s guide, which can be found under the Resources tab of its product page.


Thanks Jon!

I did that and it worked perfectly! I was so surprised how easy it was!