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Wireless PS2 handle support and serial boxes

Ive been playing with my Maestro 24 for a couple weeks now trying to get it to accept signals from an arduino controlled by a wireless PS2 handle and i think it would be great to have the support in the software to use wireless controllers with out the hassle of having go through a bunch code.

It would also be great to make the servo serial adjusters into squares we can move around to the shape of our bots for easier sequencing.

I think both of these suggestuons would add extra value, ease and more fun.


Thank you for your suggestions. In general, there are a variety of common controllers out there for people to use, and we do not have the resources to write example code for each controller. However, we provide enough documentation on the Maestro for people to write their own code, and we are happy to offer advice on the forum if those people get stuck. To help others get started, you might consider posting your finished code to our forum.

As for your Maestro Control Center recommendation, since robots can have shapes and sizes that vary greatly from one robot to the next, implementing something like that well would be a major undertaking, and I do not think the benefit would be commensurate with the effort (for example, we have never heard of someone asking for this feature before). However, our USB software development kit is available for those who want to make their own PC applications to control our USB devices like the Maestro, so there is nothing stopping an ambitious user from trying to implement the kind of interface you are requesting.


Just saying, but ive used two other sequencers and they both use serial boxes that can be moved around and saved. It does make it easier to see the position of the servo you are programming.

And just because someone hasnt asked doesnt mean they havent thought about it.

Also talking about extra value to the controller which means more money…currently you are the only servo controller company with boards that do not support the PS2 handle. Arbotix, lynxmotion, torobot, the white controllers that have the Decepticon logos, all support the handle. Now im not trolling you im just being straight.

You have an excellent product that im learning to use, but why not try going mainstream a lil. Think of how much more fun your product would be if the everyday hobbyist whose not a coder could get his bot going quicker. Hexapod and humanoid bots are a huge deal right now. Every body wants one. But they ate either way too expensive or too hard to program.

All im saying is think about what ive said. Maybe you could create a new product that attaches to the maestro.

go to the Robotshop or Lynxmotion. they have tons of examples, libraries fro PS2 controllers. They also have the hardware and converter for PS2 connection to Arduino UNO, for robot control.

I bought a couple PS2 from them (about $15) and a couple off eBay (China) for $5.00 EACH!

JJRobots uses an iPad app to control their Balance Bot which also has the Windows component to it for configuration. Now that’s pretty cool too. The app cost $5.49. Communication is via wifi to your router. That’s right: Arduino shield with wifi TX on it, talks to your network. You could control your Balance Bot (in this case) from another country!

Here’s link to bunch of PS2 hardware: lynxmotion.com/driver.aspx?T … 2-versions

Also, visit Bill Porter’s website, link given at link above. He wrote the PS2 library for Arduino.