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Wireless PS2 dongle replacement

I’ve got a Logitech wireless PS2 controller missing it’s dongle. Is it feasible to make my own?

I know that it operates on 2.4Ghz, and there’s a plethora of information about the communication protocol between the ps2 controller and the ps2 itself available:


I don’t have alot of experience with electronics, but I don’t think this circuit could be all too complicated. You’d just need something to receive/transmit RF signals, and an IC to interpret data from the RF device going to the PS2 and vice versa, right?


It might be feasible to make your own PS2 dongle, but I suspect that it might also be harder than you are anticipating. However, we do not have much expertise in that area and do not know of any devices that would be useful. Maybe one of the other community members might be able to offer more advice.


buy a usb blue tooth device same frequence.
Make sure you can get some sdk data on it.
Here’s everything you need to know.