Wireless mesh network

Dear all,

The Wixel looks like a really neat product!

However, I’m wondering if I can use it in a wireless mesh network? Can I use it to control multiple robots from a single PC? How about 1 PC controls 1 robot, but a couple of PC-robot pairs running together at the same time?

Can the Wixel handle this?


You can easily use the Wixel to control a robot from a PC using the Wixel’s Wireless Serial App. You can scale that up to 128 PC-robot pairs talking at the same time as long as you make sure that each pair of Wixels is on a different radio channel. You can also control several robots from one PC, but (unless you write your own app) you would need separate Wixels at the computer for each robot you want to control and each of them would need to be connected to USB.

We have not developed any apps for the Wixel that implement a mesh network, but the CC2511F32 is a versatile controller that is probably capable of mesh networking when provided with the right software.


Thanks for the reply David.

That sounds fair enough. I’ll think about it more before deciding. Or maybe I should just buy a couple of Wixels and play around with it first? :smiley: