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Wireless for intra-robot communications?


I’m working on my first robot. It’s a mecanum-wheel platform with a head that can rotate 360 degrees using a stepper. I’m thinking of putting some simple actuators and/or sensors on the head, but the central microcontroller is on the body. Has anyone used wireless to couple two parts of a robot that are inconvenient to hardwire? Or is there a hardwire system designed for this kind of problem?

The central microcontroller is an Arduino MKR1000 to which I’m sending commands in OSC over WiFi. I’ve considered just putting a second one on the head with a compact LiPo battery and have them chat among themselves, but I think that means I’d always have to have a wireless router nearby, even when it’s running autonomously. I’ve looked into Bluetooth and 915MHz transceivers but am wondering if there is a standard solution to this problem that experienced builders use.



We have not heard of anyone doing something like what you described, and we have not heard of any standard wired or wireless solutions for that kind of problem. A pair of Wixels might work for you.

- Amanda