Wireless control

I want to convert some 1/43 scale cars to wireless control. Need forward and reverse and ability to steer them. Down the road would like to try and rig up a dump truck, thereby needing a third channel.

I am new to this whole thing and am trying to figure out the best wireless system to use. There appears to be a number of options including what I’ll call standard rc control, plus things like Bluetooth and xbee. All the cars will be inside a 20 x 25 ft room with no walls for the signal to go through. Obviously all the components need to be quite small. I want the cars to go slowly at scale a speed of 0 to maybe 30 mph scale.

Would really appreciate being giving some direction about what wireless equipment to use. I am not too cost sensitive. May want to run up to 4 or 5 cars at same time so need to have a means to do that.

Thanks so much,



I think going with traditional RC is going to be your best bet. Control via Bluetooth or XBee will probably require a least some programming. If you do choose to go that route, please also consider the Pololu Wixel.

- Ryan