WIP Robot made with wifi router and thermoplastic

These pictures show some axles on a robot being reinforced with polymorph/shapelock plastic.
WL500G base, 2x 6v SLA batteries, tamiya track set (tracks not fitted yet)
The drive servos are visible in some pictures, with the mount attached
A few pictures show the clear plastic after it was just laid down.
I found the easiest way to work with the plastic was to melt down half a bag or so, and roll it flat, and score it into sections so it can be cut/snapped later. The scored sheet can be seen in some of the earlier pictures



Those are some interesting pictures. I hope your treaded robot turns out awesome! What tools and procedures do you use to melt the plastic and roll it flat?

Also, you might save on some hosting bandwidth (and your pictures might load faster) if you store your pictures in a lower resolution. Resizing JPEGs can be done by most photo editing software. One good free one is, GIMP.

It would be nice to see a video of your final results.


I made the post while waiting for ImageMagick to install, and forgot to install igal before i went to sleep. Thumbnails and index are up now, Yes, the images are slow - Its also hosted on my home DSL connection, so yes, it will be slow.

The plastic comes in small granules. I put about half a bag (50g) into a cup of hot water, and swirl them around with a metal rod. After a few minutes the whole lump can be pulled out as one clear blob, and moulded, stretched, etc.

The other tool i have just started using is a heat gun (in the background of several pictures - grey with red “Ozito” label) basically a hair dryer with a few chrome plated attachments for the end. One of those is a curved diffuser (can be seen in the top/middle of image 13) that seems to work well for rolling out the plastic. No need to have it attached to the heat gun if the plastic has just come out of the water and the shiny chromed finish means the plastic does not stick to it. Make sure you roll it on a smooth surface as well, otherwise the plastic will get stuck to any imperfections.

Also, very important - after pulling the melted plastic out of water, not only will it be hot, but it will also contain bubbles of hot water which will burst as you knead the plastic. This will hurt and possibly burn!

Hello, I am new to robotics, and thinking of doing some rc stuffs, with wl500g router too. The link you provide does not work now.Can you fix your web site, so that I can see how you build the robot.
I am particular interested in what software packages, and Linux O/S being used.