Windows 7 tells me my Maestro 16 channel is not working

Hi guys, first post…
I purchase a 16 servo/channel USB controller from one of your suppliers here in Oz.
I now find out that it is a discontinued item! :imp:
I downloaded the maestro control centre, had a heap of problems getting a driver to work. the controller is sitting here now with its green light on, plus a steady yellow, just like in the book. BUT, ah ha, is there a 16 channel driver I don’t know about as device driver in windows tells me the controller is not working? :confused:
I bring up the control centre and it tells me “not connected”? :frowning:
So apart from buying an old model, grrr, it looks like it needs a different set of drivers. the package it came in tells me to go to for the driver/s, but it just takes me to a page showing a lovely colour of my controller?
Any ideas would really be appreciated guys, I am trying to finish my ROV and I waited so long for the controller to arrive and now this. cheers. :wink:


Sorry about the trouble you are having. Unfortunately, the Pololu USB 16-Servo Controller is not a Maestro Servo Controller and is not compatible with the Maestro Control Center or the Maestro Drivers.

The resources tab of the USB 16-Servo Controller product page has a link to the guide for installing the drivers for it. The drivers can be kind of tricky to install (especially on Windows 7), so please let me know if you have additional questions.

- Ryan

Hi Ryan, my mistake, it is a Polulo USB 16-servo controller, Item #390, thats whats on the packet and the board.
since my last post, I have found drivers, got it plugged in and talking. I downloaded the serial transmitter program from your site and can actually get it/servo’s to respond to bits and bytes. I had to manually install the drivers by selecting via search for a driver not auto or browse.
Now, is there any kind of program that will allow me to at least have a look at say, GUI type sliders etc to try and test it. I am in the throes now of downloading Vis C# etc to try and learn to code enough to operate it. I want to use it to control a tethered ROV.
I rode the web and there were programs like ollies controller program which would be ideal for a start for me to play with, would something like that work? I also tried the Maestro control centre, both programs show the module as working, but neither see’s the servo’s move, although the module is receiving the signal (green light flashes)… I have bought a compass module, have the camera, pantilt, and bodywork finished, just need to sort out some code for a graphic type program. If I cannot do this, it will have to be radio controlled or hard wire tether.

I don’t know what you mean when you say the Maestro Control Center shows the module is working. It shouldn’t show you anything about it. I don’t know of a good GUI that is compatible with our 16-channel servo controller. What protocol does the Olly’s Servo Controller Software use? RoboRealm has a Pololu_SSC module, but it looks like it only supports 8 channels and RoboRealm costs $89. You could just buy a Maestro and use our free software for less than the price of RoboRealm.

Whatever you do, you are going to have to figure out how communicate over your tether. For example, even if the Maestro Control Center works, it only works over USB, which can’t easily be used with a tether. Some better choices might be Ethernet or RS-485.

- Ryan

Hi Ryan, I have attached the module via USB. I ran the Polulo serial transmitter module, the servo’s all worked.
I tried to use the Maestro control center, and it just said not connected.
I ran HV Labs Ollies module and again it recognised the controller and the green lights blinked okay, but no actual control.
The Roborealm module is programmed for 8 channel and I have not the skill to change a program from 8 to 16.
The matter of comms via the tether, I have already built a number of ROV’s and for video control I used USB down the tether with the controls on board. I have tested down to 50 feet to date. But I was told that using one of the wires in maybe a cat6 would do for an antenna and to use standard RC controller. Might try that as I have a hea of RC stuff.
I have also done the ethernet/RS-485 bit. Just thought it would be neater to have a PC screen with all on board not just video and a compass. is where the Ollies program resides.
Looks like $80 down the tube. Thanks for the assist Ryan.