Wild Thumper wheels

I was wondering how you guys keep the wheel from getting loose and falling off?

For me, the set screw on the wheel hub assembly, that slides over the motor shaft, gets loose and then the wheel falls off. Do you use glue or something?


You might find a threadlocker helpful.

- Ben

You REALLY have to watch how tight you do up those grub screws.
Just a fraction of a turn is too much.
If it keeps coming loose or won’t do up, you will need to run a tap into the wheel adapter.

On my Dagu Rover 5 I’m going to replace the flimsy stock axles, I’m going to drill out the wheel adapter, thread it and add a lock nut on either side of the wheel adapter.

This is the result of just a tad to much tightening!


After I ran the tap through the wheel adapter it was ok.

But those Rover 5 stock axles gotta go!


I’m sorry you’ve had to go to such lengths to get your chassis working well. Thank you for the feedback; we will pass it along to Dagu. Oh, and just to address your “warped chassis” comments from your other thread, earlier this year we asked Dagu to start shipping us Rover 5 chassis with the tracks off to avoid having it under tension in the box.

- Ben

That would help a lot!