Wild thumper motors and 48 CPR Encoders

Hi there,

I already have a 6-wheel Wild Thumper (WT) and I was wondering if it’s feasible to buy “48 CPR Encoder” separately (pololu.com/catalog/product/2286) to install them onto existing motors. Has anyone have any experience modifying existing WT motors to attach those encoders?

Can someone confirm that Motor+encoder combo fits into WT’s t-shape motor mount (as a replacement) ?

Thank you in advance.


We do not sell those encoders separately. However, you could get some of the full 25D metal gearmotor with encoders and modify your Wild Thumper to use them to in place of the motors that come with the chassis. One of our customers wrote a “Modifying the Wild Thumper to use motors with encoders” PDF, which can be found under the Resources tab of the product page. The PDF walks through the steps they took to do this modification.