Wild thumper 6 WD/4WD robot chassie

Hey, New here
So basically I am going to build a Wild thumper 6WD / 4WD robot from zero like the designing and those stuff but I couldn’t find like good pic or videos that talks precisely about it and showing the simulation way of the robot especially the part of the motors ( check the image ) : images - 2024-04-12T135417.994
Can anyone help me figure it out and I’ll be glad if you provide me with some clear picture of the chassie if you can and thank you…

download - 2024-04-12T012116.471


You can find all of our pictures in the product page documentation, but for what you are trying to do, it might be worth it to get one of the chassis to use as a reference. We only have a few units of one version left (we discontinued the rest), so if you are decide you want to do that, I recommend ordering soon.

- Patrick