Wiimote controlled Hexapod


I’m developing a Wiimote controlled Hexapod which is cheap and easy to build.
I was inspired by Chench’s one.

Here is a link to demo movie:


  • 24channel Mini Maestro
  • Hextronik HXT900×18
  • Tamiya Universal Arm and Plate
  • 3mm Plastic Rod
  • Nylon Tie
  • 6V 1200mAh NiMH
  • Gryphon Duo regulator
  • mbed
  • USB Dongle
  • Wiimote

I think the key point of the hexapod is its pivot of the coxa which is made of the universal arm and the plastic rod.
I only had to glue these parts to the bottom of the servo.

The goal of this project is to react proportionately to Wiimote’s acceleration sensor.
But for now, I can’t find relevant information about how to program.
Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for watching!

Hello, Toshi.

I’ve never written code for a Wiimote before, but I searched google for “how to interface with a wiimote” and found multiple PC libraries this purpose:
channel9.msdn.com/coding4fun/art … os-Wiimote

If you used one of those libraries, you would also need a way to wirelessly send data from the PC to your robot. You could use a Wixel:

However, it would be better if you could figure out how to use the Wiimote’s bluetooth interface directly, and then take the PC out of the design.

Are you going to power your 18 servos through the regulator? We usually recommend having a power source that can supply at least one amp per servo.

Good luck on your project!


Hi David,

Thanks for the informations! I will check in detail.
Yes, one of the aims of this project is to controll my hexapod without a PC.
I will manage it somehow.

About the regulator, thanks for your suggestion.
its max peak current is 10A.
So far it seems to be working OK, but I don’t think it’s a good example.

Thanks again, and sorry for my bad English.