Why disable high pass filter on the gyro?

There has been much discussion on some other boards (such as forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php … t=LPR530AL) about whether or not it is appropriate to include a high pass filter on the output of the gyro breakout boards. I have the Pololu LPY510AL that I am trying to use on a balancing robot. I have two questions about this board:

  1. It has a low pass filter, so the filter problems discussed in other place do not apply, right?
  2. What are some scenarios where one would need to disable the internal high pass filter by tying JP2 high?



As far as I know, there is no reason to have a high-pass filter, and SparkFun has also removed it from their boards. You want to be able to measure long rotations or to know when you are stopped, and the high-pass filter makes that impossible. Besides, any possible benefit that you could get from it could be trivially simulated in software.

And since you will not be using a high-pass filter, the HP line is not going to be useful to you, either. That is why we do not even bring it out next to the other pins on our module.

The low-pass filter, on the other hand, just removes noise on the line - it will not cause these kinds of problems.