White with black border borderdetect sketch

How must i calibrate when i useborder defect?

I put QTR treshold on 1000 and the if then statement to larger then1000 turn back etc…
Should i learn the sumobot before pushing te button tot start the borderdetect sketch by moving the robot tot the lightest and darkest area?


It has been our experience that the border detect sketch will probably work fine without any calibration. Have you tried it yet and had any problems?


It got it finally working.
I did not put the jumper on pin 2 otherwise the leds are not flickering.(should they flicker when
: ZumoReflectanceSensorArray sensors(QTR_NO_EMITTER_PIN); is placed?
So i put on jumper 2 and changed the code of borderdetect a bit.
I turned this off : "ZumoReflectanceSensorArray sensors(QTR_NO_EMITTER_PIN); "
and put this after void setup. : "on reflectanceSensors.init();"
And i also changed the if then else to > 700.
(this is how i did it) :smiley: Up to the next challenges.

I am glad you got it to work; thank you for letting us know. When the LEDON jumper is not connected the red LEDs will be on constantly. When the LEDON jumper is connected, the red LEDs will only be on when your code turns the IR LEDs on.