White line follower

Hello i created the black line follower robot it works very fastly and perfectly would you please tell me how to implement same thing in white line and black background thanks in advanced plz help me its urgent?
My Code for Black Line Follower:-

#include <QTRSensors.h>

#define Kp 0.1 // experiment to determine this, start by something small that just makes your bot follow the line at a slow speed
#define Kd 0.7// experiment to determine this, slowly increase the speeds and adjust this value. ( Note: Kp < Kd) 
#define MaxSpeed 255// max speed of the robot
#define BaseSpeed 255 // this is the speed at which the motors should spin when the robot is perfectly on the line
#define NUM_SENSORS  8     // number of sensors used

#define speedturn 180

//#define rightMotor1 12
#define rightMotor2 12
#define rightMotorPWM 10
#define leftMotor1 13
//#define leftMotor2 A5
#define leftMotorPWM 11
#define motorPower A3

QTRSensorsRC qtrrc((unsigned char[]) {3,4,5,6,7,8,9,2} ,NUM_SENSORS, 2500, QTR_NO_EMITTER_PIN);

unsigned int sensorValues[NUM_SENSORS];

void setup()
  //pinMode(rightMotor1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(rightMotor2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(rightMotorPWM, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(leftMotor1, OUTPUT);
  //pinMode(leftMotor2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(leftMotorPWM, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(motorPower, OUTPUT);
  int i;
  for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) // calibrate for sometime by sliding the sensors across the line, or you may use auto-calibration instead
   //comment this part out for automatic calibration 
    /*if ( i  < 25 || i >= 75 ) // turn to the left and right to expose the sensors to the brightest and darkest readings that may be encountered
      move(1, 70, 1);//motor derecho hacia adelante
      move(0, 70, 0);//motor izquierdo hacia atras 
      move(1, 70, 0);//motor derecho hacia atras
      move(0, 70, 1);//motor izquierdo hacia adelante  
  delay(3000); // wait for 2s to position the bot before entering the main loop 

int lastError = 0;
unsigned int sensors[8];
int position = qtrrc.readLine(sensors);

void loop()
  position = qtrrc.readLine(sensors); // get calibrated readings along with the line position, refer to the QTR Sensors Arduino Library for more details on line position.
    move(1, speedturn, 1);//motor derecho hacia adelante
    move(0, speedturn, 0);//motor izquierdo hacia adelante
    move(1, speedturn, 0);//motor derecho hacia adelante
    move(0, speedturn, 1);//motor izquierdo hacia adelante
  int error = position - 3500;
  int motorSpeed = Kp * error + Kd * (error - lastError);
  lastError = error;

  int rightMotorSpeed = BaseSpeed + motorSpeed;
  int leftMotorSpeed = BaseSpeed - motorSpeed;
  if (rightMotorSpeed > MaxSpeed ) rightMotorSpeed = MaxSpeed; // prevent the motor from going beyond max speed
  if (leftMotorSpeed > MaxSpeed ) leftMotorSpeed = MaxSpeed; // prevent the motor from going beyond max speed
  if (rightMotorSpeed < 0)rightMotorSpeed = 0;    
  if (leftMotorSpeed < 0)leftMotorSpeed = 0;
  move(1, rightMotorSpeed, 1);//motor derecho hacia adelante
  move(0, leftMotorSpeed, 1);//motor izquierdo hacia adelante
void wait(){
  digitalWrite(motorPower, LOW);

void move(int motor, int speed, int direction){
  digitalWrite(motorPower, HIGH); //disable standby

  boolean inPin1=HIGH;
  boolean inPin2=LOW;
  if(direction == 1){
    inPin1 = LOW;
    inPin2 = LOW;
  if(direction == 0){
    inPin1 = HIGH;
    inPin2 = HIGH;

  if(motor == 0){
    digitalWrite(leftMotor1, inPin1);
    //digitalWrite(leftMotor2, inPin2);
    analogWrite(leftMotorPWM, speed);
  if(motor == 1){
    //digitalWrite(rightMotor1, inPin1);
    digitalWrite(rightMotor2, inPin2);
    analogWrite(rightMotorPWM, speed);


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- Amanda