Which version of wixel should I use?

I would like to use a wixel in order to receive data (from a wireless transmitter) and read it using the USB port.

I don’t intend to connect it to anything else.

Can I do it with the normal wixel or should I buy the fully assembled version?


What wireless transmitter?
Wixels work only for certain types of data transmissions and only for a limited number of radio frequencies in the 2.4 GHz band, usually those used by another Wixel.

Hello, Tzachi.

The only difference between the unassembled Wixel and the fully-assembled Wixel is that the fully-assembled version comes with the header pins pre-soldered whereas the unassembled version comes with loose headers. Are you planning on using another Wixel as a wireless transmitter? If not, I am also curious what kind of wireless transmitter are you trying to use with the Wixel.


Thanks for the information that you have provided.

I’m using the dexcom g4 as a transmitter and the wixel as a receiver. I have already tried one of this and it works.