Which replacements for the FA130 and RadioControl?

I need to replace the FA130 motors that came with the 70168 double gearbox for these reasons:

  1. they spark a lot and cause interference with the RC system (a 1/25 jagdpanther tank converted to RC)
  2. the tank runs on 6V.

These replacements are mentioned in this site:

130-size DC motor
Solarbotics RM2
Solarbotics RM3

They seem to be the same size, and rpm than the FA130 (but running on 6V instead of 3V). My question is: do they have metal or carbon-type brushes? because the metal ones wear out quickly and spark like fury. In thepast I managed to change the metal brushes of the twin FA130 with carbon ones but it’s hardo to get them now, so I’m thinking about ordering the 6V ones, but which ones?



We do not have the brush type specified, but they are probably metal on all of the motors you mentioned. Our item 1117 is our favorite replacement motor for the Tamiya gearbox kits. The Solarbotics RM2 is a motor that draws a lot of current, which makes it difficult to control.

- Jan